Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Golf clothing for wet weather

As any die-hard golf player knows, playing golf in the UK can be a damp experience. Ever since golf was invented in the wet and windy wilds of Scotland, the possibility of rain whilst out on the golf course is always high in the United Kingdom. That is why it is important to be prepared when choosing golf clothing.

A golfer who owns waterproof golf clothing will be able to play for longer and in more comfort when the inevitable downpour happens. Modern materials, such as Gore-tex mean that modern golf clothing is breathable, lightweight and waterproof. Features such as water-repelent zips, elasticated seams and durable and hardwearing fabrics mean that today's golfer can stay out on the course and still have a great game even during rain.

Famous golf clothing brands such as Galvin Green produce stylish ranges of golfwear for both men and women.Not only are they the height of fashion, they also help set the trend out on the course. Gone are the days of plus fours and heavy woolen coats that are diffult to play in during inclement weather.

James Thurrock writes for Scottsdale Golf providers of Galvin Green waterproof golf clothing online in the UK